Farm and Agriculture Water Treatment

From feed formulation to delivery, great attention has been paid to the feed your bird, the quality of the water that birds drink is often overlooked. In some aspects, water quality can have a greater negative effect on bird performance than feed quality because it is a well known fact that birds consume more water than they consume feed
5m Editor

The importance of water is often underestimated. A very simple fact, quality life depends on quality water.

Farmers spend massive investment for advanced housing system, feeding system, antibiotics, medicines and so on.

“Water may be the most important nutrient for an animal”
Dan Loy
Iowa State University Extension Beef Specialist
Water is a critical component of broiler-farming success
Nir Leventer

Animals are largely made up of water

  • Water acts as a means of transport nutrient in the body, regulate body temperature and remove harmful substances from body.
  • Poor water quality will reduce water intake, which results in a reduction in feed intake and a loss of production, increase in the cost of antibiotics and medicines.
Algae, bacteria, rust, and other contaminants can build up on the inner surfaces of poultry house water lines over time
Marco Quiroz

automated system

Let us do our job as your partner to provide clean water to your livestock and you can focus on the business. Our system is automated and hassle free with the latest technology and system.

clean & disinfected water

Our water treatment system keeps your drinking water clean and disinfected to protect and keep guard harmful bacteria & diseases away from your valuable livestock.


We listen to our customers needs. The designed system can be setup for trial, initial minor investment or complete treatment system according to the requirement and budget.

after sales service

We believe in building long term relationship with our customers. Our after sales service keeps our system in optimum condition and continuously receive feedback from users.

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Basic Water Filtration

Basic and simple filtration suitable for town water or clarified water. This keeps guard of possible sudden variation of water quality.

Many of our customers find pipe and nipple blockages are minimized. It is so convenient, just regular filter backwash, no replacement part needed.

Customized Filtration

Iron removal, ammonia removal, heavy metal removal and so forth. Our filtration system designed for challenging water conditions.

Excess level of minerals can become toxic or growth inhibitor. Besides that, the water color and smell affects the drinking palatability.

Drinking Water Disinfection

Contaminated water source is the primary source of disease outbreak. It is the business risk that never to be taken lightly as the consequence could cost massive business loss. There is always no warning about it.

Our customers with our latest disinfection system not only mitigate the risk, but also reduce the use of antibiotics and medications.