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"Quality water is important for me because that is what comes into my body and keep me healthy"
Janet Lee


Outdoor FRP filter, water purifier, water dispenser and more.

farms & livestocks

Media Filter, UV Disinfection and chemical dosing system.

industrial water

Media Filter, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-violent Disinfection, Softener, Ion Exchanger, Chemical Dosing System.

best selling products

Outdoor FRP Filter

Simple filter, cost effective and easy maintenance. It is a must for most of housing to ensure clean water supply.

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Suitable for modern day busy city people. Water direct from the pipe to hot brew or cold refreshing water.

Table Top Purifier

Economical attractive yet outstanding filtration performance. It is packaged with simple plastic housing but built in with good quality filter elements.

Standing Unit Purifier

For large family, restaurants, or offices. It has hot and cold water holding tanks. Slim and sleek. Great to be located at any corner.

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