Wide range of water purifiers which may suite to your different use and taste.


Aquatech offer RO Membranes System to meet the stringent requirement of the water quality. It is the purest water that meet the requirement for drinking, food and beverage processing, chemical manufacturing, high pressure boiler and any high water quality requirement for critical processes.

RO Membranes removes virus, bacteria, dissolves solids, organics, impurities, etc.


FRP filters are cost effective for suspended solid and sediment removal from water. Aquatech offers not just sand filtration, high performance filtration media at cost effective pricing. 

No filter replacement part needed for this type of filters. Just regular back to maintain the filter. Automated backwash system are suitable for hassle free users. 

uv light disinfection

UV Light disinfection is the safest way to kill virus, germs and bacteria. It leaves no residues and use no chemicals. It is safe, effective, and environmental friendly.

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